Making a difference in people’s lives

Today I was overwhelmed when I heard a sharing of one of my Oriflame consultant..

In all my Oriflame training sessions I give chance to few people to come ahead and share their experience one of my Oriflame consultant shared that she was in search of opportunity where she could earn money to as her kid had to operated .and she was happy that after joining Oriflame as an consultant she could manage to save nearly 50000 only by selling Oriflame products..and I was speechless

She was now looking forward towards saving 300000 in one years..we have now started her power leg and I am sure that soon we will be able to manage it..

I believe in women empowerment .

I believe in relationship

I believe in financial independence of women.

I believe in upgrading women

I can give this life changing Oriflame opportunity and a complete package to an individual

I have a complete system to upgrade

all my consultant .

I train them to a level where they are fully independent and can be Oriflame manager in just 1 month.

Name of my club is Tarash and I have complete digital opportunity where this Original opportunity is implemented in a new system called Power leg.

Webinar an wonderful digital initiative
I love the most to conduct Webinar.

In my digital Journey of last 3years  I love to write a blog and conduct Webinar.

Webinar has supported me to connect with people across country and show them demo and train them for Oriflame Opportunity and Oriflame business and Oriflame success plan . Oriflame on line ordering . Oriflame beauty products and Oriflame schemes and personal Grooming and personallty development and fulfilling all enterpreuner goals and dreams.

So let’s stay connected and work together for sane common goal

#Beauty #lifestyle #Oriflame 


Read my lipstick

I care

I embrace

I have style

I pay attention to details

I welcome beauty and miracles in my life.

I use lipstick to help me create the feeling of happiness.professionalism.romance . party.celebration.

I don’t step out of my house without a lipstick..I feel incomplete without it. 

It’s said lipstick is the strongest weapon in a lady’s vanity.

Make up is incomplete without a lipstick.

When I joined Oriflame before 20 years I use to believe that I am Wheatish complexion so I can use only browns and maroons..It was just my belief not really true..After all Trainings I played with colours in my face and today I use all bold colors .It depends on how you carry yourself.. occasion.dress and ornaments and time .

I am a high end user so I always try GG range and The one range.

I have almost all lipsticks of  OriflameThe one matte mouse

If you want to feel excellence and Elegance than try GG lipsticks

Our new Oriflame The one  vinyl Gel lipstick have all Vibrant collection

Lip color can improve our mood .make us look vibrant and healthy I war it everywhere.everyday.This is my necessity and the power and liberty of buying and using them Oriflame has supported me.Oriflame color cosmetics are natural without cruelty on animals.

Oriflame Trainings have given me all knowledge to use them and train people and being a science student I can today discuss with beauticians on all topics.

Last but not the least

As we age adding a brighter lip color works well to lift to face.

I believe in power of performance

I don’t want to convince people 

I want to experience it and come convinced on their own

It was real proud moment to get selected in one of the pioneer leaders working digitally and called as one if speaker in Oriflame Director Seminar Bangalore

Oriflame is a life changing Opportunity to look great make money.and have fun along with creating a enterpreuneral income and recognition like a celebrity.
One proud moment.

I inspire all women to explore themselves.

You don’t need a king to become a Queen

A strong woman can build her own world

It took many painful years to discover my own self. It took lot of sleepless nights to gather and develop the necessary confidence to live life at my own terms .

Oriflame has given me the confidence and courage to live life as an independent woman .All leadership development program  and my own commitment to transform myself has given birth to a woman who is. still ready to work on self and develop all the qualities required to be a Queen in her field and live life king size.

I celebrated my 50th birthday with my own self .the way I wanted​ …This can only happen if entire family has confidence on you ..if your actions in day to day life has proved that you will take care of your own self.

So if a woman work she will not only earn money but will get confidence .be updated with world .and always feel worth If you want to fly give up everything that weighs you down.

Oriflame Opportunity gives you a platform to transform you and your environment.You get full support to achieve and fulfill all your dreams. 

A chance to explore world.a confidence to travel alone in country and Whole world Oriflame products makes you beautiful and a chance to earn big money with Oriflame.

Oriflame is not a business it’s a journey to achieve your goals.Days.months and years make you an Enterpreuner .from a part time  work from home business opportunity 

My message to all women

You are beautiful

You are strong

You are capable 

You are wonderful

So don’t just be one in crowd .lead as an example and do something to be famous .

My life on Earth is personal journey

Some journey in life can be  only be travelled alone

The dream of Solo trip is now getting it’s destination to Manali 

My travel dairy has now started..

It’s my birthday month and I am celebrating Golden jubilee of this life on Earth..

Looking back in my life I have accomplished many of my dreams and I am happy and many dreams are in queue which I have already attracted from Universe  and this solo trip is one of that dream..

There is an correlation between me going digital and My solo trip.The idea of Oriflame business with freedom arise with taking a step of making website.. Today I was in flight but the initiative to start Webinars gave me Opportunity to train today 15 people for Wellness on my recorded Training.. Isn’t it enjoy fully the real MLM business . where we can enjoy our life with taking business along with us where we travel .I could even share the income Opportunity of becoming Independent business Consultant with Oriflame to a new friend on airport who accompanied me in flight . Oriflame on line ordering gave me ascess to place order on long waiting period on airport .

I am lucky to have such a beautiful family who supported me to live my Life as I want to Live 

You will not know the road until you travel in it.I believe to define the path and travel on that path!!

My high and low moods are in race with each other!! Up one minute and down the another !! You can train your self and stay happy!! Is the success mantra of being active and full of life !! 

I have lived my journey so don’t make a mistake to judge it..just live it!! Make your path!!

Transformational Journey 

Digitalisation​ fully

It’s real journey of a daughter.a sister  .wife  an daughter in law and mother to an entrepreneur An Oriflame  Sapphire director and now working full-time on digital platform  to achieve Diamond level

.Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game.  The road to business success, both online and offline, is a long and bumpy one, often littered with pitfalls before success comes knocking.

You need to be willing to spend long hours learning and applying new information when you’d rather be spending time having fun with family and friends. It can take several attempts and wrong turns before you hit on the right business model that not only works but also fits in with your life plan, vision and goals.

The truth is, once you decide to leave the safety net of your day job to build your own business, you are stepping onto a crazy rollercoaster ride.

So I am presenting work from home income Opportunity where you can work  as part time job or make it full time enterpreuner goal .

Oriflame gives you platform to make money from home with your personality development in terms of extra income ,self identity . leadership development and you work as an independent business Consultant. With your working hours options.

You can join Oriflame membership as a VIP Customer or as an Consultant for free. We can buy Oriflame products online with help of digital Oriflame catalog .

Oriflame products are  inspired from nature and Oriflame is fastest growing network marketing company across the globe.

Oriflame skin care products are  result oriented and Oriflame cosmetics are of latest trends.

Oriflame offers discounts on products every month with Oriflame on line fliers too .

This month Spirit collection invitation offers are one of must have Collection and it’s best time to join Oriflame either for extra income or as a part time jobs or to make big money and become an entrepreneur in Mumbai or in any part of country .